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Setup for Angular 7 application

Before you start an angular project, we need to set up an environment for angular development. We need to have NodeJs and NPM (node package manager)  in our system. It is not necessary for Angular development but it makes the development easy. NPM is used to download the libraries and packages we need for the development. You can check the version of node and npm avaible in your system through command prompt or terminal. Here is the command. for node version:   node -v  for npm version:    npm -v GC02PH6MAG3QDE:my_book himanshusharma$ node -v v10.14.0 GC02PH6MAG3QDE:my_book himanshusharma$ npm -v 6.7.0 In my system, current version of node is 10.14.0 and npm is 6.7.0 when I am writing this article, yours can be different. Now we need to install angular/cli using npm. Angular/cli makes it easy to create a angular application that already works, out of the box. npm install -g @angular/cli  -g is a flag which installs angular/cli globally in o