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Javascript Interview Question and Answer - 1

In this article we are going to discuss 2 javascript interview question and their answers.These questions are highly asked in the Javascript interviews. Disclaimer: - You might have different solution working with all test cases for both the problems. So lets discuss the first question.This question is to test your ability in terms javascript object knowledge and your logical thinking. Q1. You have been given a nested object "Person" which has one of the property as "password".Write a generic function to change the value of all the "password" property to "*****". Object is nested and may contain other object with property "password" and so on. Here is a sample object. var Person = {      name: 'Alex',      age : 40,     password : 'abc',     x : {        name : 'Chris',        password: 'abcd',        y : {           name : 'Mike',           password: 'abcd',          },      }